Ask me how I won the "Girlfriend of The Year Award" or take a look at what I made for Cuddles as an early Valentine's gift!

Fret not if you haven't prepared yours, you can hand make this impressive gift for him or her too.

Who wouldn't be happy to receive a to...

So Cuddles has been attempting to eat healthier but his soul dies a little every time he tries. I've decided that I need to help him satisfy his sweet tooth without jeopardizing his efforts in maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. 

Proud to say th...

Food Cuddles' Rainbow Pizza in 15 minutes.

Self praise is disgrace but it was SO GOOD! I have to share.

Perfectly light and healthy option for breakfast / dessert / snack / tea time or any time!

Wanna make your own? Win yourself some pizza essentials first! *Recipe below*


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