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3 Easy Tips for Yummier Pictures @Du Viet, Suria KLCC

Let me share 3 super easy tips *without spending on fancy equipment* that has helped my food pictures look yummier! Oh and READ til the end to find out how you can redeem food vouchers and win a complimentary meal from Le Petit Chef by The Elements Kuala Lumpur with Michelin Star Chef Jeff Ramsay by Suria KLCC.

1. Know Your Angles

Top View

>> To show off food arrangement and great for eliminating busy backgrounds

I chose the top view to show off my Hue-style Beef Noodles (“Bun Bo Hue”)

How else do I let you know the generous amount of imported tenderloin beef fillet, tendon & stewed beef brisket is served atop my vermicelli in this flavorful and mildly spicy soup? I personally don't do many complete flat lays as I prefer a slight tilt of the camera to help bring out the 3D shape of my food.

Side View

>> To show off interesting layers / shapes

Like this gorgeous Banh Mi filled and layered with a fresh bed of crisp and colourful assorted vegetables with succulent grilled chicken. All of that goodness is topped with a yummy sauce and wrapped in a golden-brown baguette that's crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Each bite is rich in taste and texture as every mouthful is a careful balance of savoury meaty goodness lightened by the salad and baguette itself.

I also chose a neutral background, the wall, for my delicious and good-looking Banh Mi to stand out.

Diagonal View

>> To show off / magnify certain qualities and texture

I like experimenting with diagonal views too as you get to magnify certain qualities of the food. Like how I think I made this generously filled Banh Mi look like its fillings are about to pop out.

Here, I'm trying to capture the shine of that sweet smooth caramel with coconut milk and lemongrass syrup that's coating the bananas in this dessert called Bananarama.

2. Choose Your Background

I usually pick a neutral background as they're a great way to direct a viewer's focus to the food. Messiness such as used napkins / dirty cutlery can also be quite off-putting.

However, backgrounds can sometimes add interest and help tell a story.

Although the drink is minty, sweet, cool and so refreshing on its own, I felt the Mint Spritzer needed some background, so I took it with the beautiful ceiling lights of Du Viet. They're meant to mimic floating lotus leaves which is the national flower of Vietnam, how clever and pretty.

Here, I've included Cuddles in the background of my Special Drip Coffee with Vanilla Ice Cream.

Reason: Cuddles does not drink coffee on its own but was so happy as he enjoyed the cold-smooth-creamy-sweet and bitter mix of the combo. I usually find Vietnamese drip coffee a little too strong to my liking as well but this was such a treat as the mix tasted more like an adult-approved dessert!

3. Rearrange your Food!

I feel a good food picture starts from the food itself. Mama ain't gonna be happy with you playing with your food but this simple step goes a long way in your food pictures.

We had to rearrange the toppings of this House Specialty just a little to highlight the variety of tasty beef toppings this Traditional Mixed Beef Noodles (“Pho Bo Dac Biet”) has to offer. It was all worth it for this warm and comforting bowl of noodles in a clear beef soup made from scratch with no added msg / artificial flavourings.

Do try out these 3 tips the next time you're taking pictures of food and now you know where you can get the loveliest yummy Vietnamese food, owned and run by a sweet family that's passionate about real food.

Find out more about Du Viet:

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Hang on there!

As promised, I'll let you know how you can redeem Dining Vouchers worth RM50 and Win an Unforgettable 4-Course Dinner for 2 at Le Petit Chef by The Elements worth RM499 per person!

Suria KLCC will be running a campaign called Eat Your Way 2019 from 22 March til 14 April 2019.

All you have to do is...EAT and spend RM100 and above in a single receipt at any participating F&B restaurant to redeem a dining voucher worth RM50 to dine at Umai-Ya and Du Viet. 4 lucky couples will also stand a chance to win a Complimentary Dinner by Suria KLCC at Le Petit by Elements Kuala Lumpur with Michelin Star Chef Jeff Ramsay.

You can Eat Your Way at these restaurants:

1. Acme, Bar & Coffee 2. Ben’s By BIG 3. Chili’s 4. Chinoz On The Park 5. Din Tai Fung 6. Dome 7. Dotty’s 8. Du Viet 9. Chakri Palace 10. KFry 11. Kiki Taiwan Cuisine 12. Kor-yo Won 13. Little Penang Kafe 14. Madam Kwan’s 15. Mamasan 16. Melur & Thyme 17. Nando’s 18. Open House 19. Spring Garden 20. Svago 21. Umai-ya 22. Yuzu

So hurry, tell your friends, EAT to your heart's desire, redeem your voucher and stand a chance to win your dream meal with compliments from Suria KLCC!

Find out more about Suria KLCC and their Eat Your Way 2019 Campaign:

Campaign Website | Facebook | Instagram

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