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Lang Tengah Island with Olympus @Summer Bay Resort [Kuala Terengganu]

Just when I thought I have visited most of the beaches and islands in Malaysia, I recently had a 3 days 2 nights stay with Olympus at Summer Bay Lang Tengah Island Resort in Kuala Terengganu.

Never heard of them? Me too, til now.

Needless to say it was amazing as the gorgeous island is super cosy, charming and relaxing. Luckily I had a good Olympus camera in hand to share the experience too. So, let's see...

How to Get There?

Where to Stay?

What to Eat?

What to Do?


We took an easy bus ride from Paradigm Mall at midnight and stopped for breakfast at Kampung Cina, Terengganu the following morning.

Breakfast was a local delicacy - Roti Kahwin a classic combination of bread sandwiching butter and kaya, which literally translates as "Marriage Bread".

It was then a short drive to the jetty and another 45 minutes to an hour of boat transfer to the island and resort.


Greeted by this gorgeous scenery stepping foot on the jetty of the beautiful island <3

There in the background is the strategically located Summer Bay Resort surrounded by lush greeneries right at the beachfront. This place is a perfect getaway for couples / friends / families!

The room is all it's needed to be: clean, comfortable and spacious. Did I mention there's a pool view from the balcony which I forgot to take a picture of!

Even the jetty is a favourite hangout place as it reaches out into the clear blue waters offering unobstructed picturesque ocean views.

Makes a great spot for pictures!

Took some time to enjoy the resort's little hammocks on the beach too.


The resort pretty much takes care of everything. The stay package has Breakfast, Lunch, Tea and Dinner Buffet included! If that's somehow not enough, they even operate a few restaurants serving Japanese, Western, Mamak food, waffles and snacks.

The buffet spread spoils you with choice.

You can build your own full breakfast or choose something light like cereal or fresh fruit with yogurt.

Lunch and dinner has a wide variety of vegetables, meat dishes, rice, noodles, fruits, ice creams and fresh seafood like prawns and clams.


Walked along the beach and found a nice rocky area for pictures

We also had a go at night photography with the Olympus Em1 Mark 2 and was impressed at how powerful it performed at such a dark place where the only light source was from the little boat *I think* at quite a distance.

I know you might take one look at the beach and think all you want to do is lay down and relax but Hey! Who says you can't have fun and enjoy the place at the same time.

Blue skies + ocean + sand = a relaxing holiday*featuring a bruise under my neck from being choked at BJJ training.. good times*

So we took a boat out for snorkeling of course!

Excitedly waiting for my turn to jump into the ocean.

Jump in and swim among an ocean full of fishes!

It was a struggle for me to take pictures as I'm not the strongest of swimmers but the Olympus TG5 did make it a lot easier. Just point and shoot using the underwater feature mode! Not bad for a first timer but the photographs have a whole lot of potential to be way more impressive with a little practice.

Now I'm considering to get my Scuba diving licence.

We also played with some light in dark photo. Only realised I was photobombed much later when I was looking through the pictures.

Holding onto some fairy lights trying to *feel the magic*

Our happily relaxed faces saying goodbye to the island.

Ending this post with an accidental capture of a pretty artsy and cool picture while I was getting out of the water.

*Video coming soon*

In the meantime, you can check out the awesome resort I stayed in here:

Summer Bay Resort | Instagram | Facebook

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