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Masterchef Style Cafe @ Sri Petaling

I find it difficult to get tired of Hong Kong style cafes. Their extensive menu inspired by famous Hong Kong and Hong Kong-style Western cuisine is just too attractive!

It is the perfect destination be it for a group of picky eaters or indecisive and hungry people who just want to eat everything! Like myself, because variety is after all the SPICE of LIFE!

Breakfast (8am - 12pm)

I like the feeling of being spoiled for choice, especially when it comes to food. So happy I was with the wide selection of Dim Sum choices, and happier as most of them were set at reasonable prices ranging from Rm 4 to RM 8 per dish.

Among the Dim Sums available, we had some of the classic and inevitable highlights.


Steamed Custard Salted Yolk Bun aka Lau Sar Bao (RM 6.90)

Masterchef Superior Soup Xiao Long Bao (RM 12.90) for 5 pieces

Thai Style Prawn Parcel (RM 7.90)

Steam Spareribs (RM 6.90)

If you find yourself not-chinese-enough for Dim Sum and is looking for something a little more Western inspired, check out their western breakfast sets:

Apple Salad (RM 8.90) if you need to feed your body with good nutrients, a lighter and healthier option with fruit and nuts.

For a heartier and savoury western breakfast, you can go for the Cheese Sausage and Ham Breakfast (RM 14.90)

There're more Western inspired breakfasts but hey if you're a carb-lover and you need your Chinese food, there's an almost endless list of choices for you served throughout the day.

How about an easy warm bowl of comfort food such as the Dried Oyster Vegetable Groundnut Porridge (RM 10.90 - 1 pax/ RM 18.90 - 2 pax).

Or something with a little more kick, like the Onion Sauce Wanton with Master Chef Noodle (RM 11.90). Find it no where else as those fresh and bouncy noodles are handmade by chef himself and so is the special homemade Onion Sauce.

The Masterchef Giant Burger (RM 16.90) though not as huge a portion as it sounds, packs a thick and juicy pork patty marinated by chef himself and is freshly prepared in-house.

With the Cream of Mushroom "Brulee" (RM 7.90), you can now have your bowl of soup and eat it too.

If both chinese and western food can't satisfy you because you've got the K-pop thing going, they even have a Korean Rice Bowl with Chicken Chop (RM 11.90) on the menu. Just mix it all up like a bibimbap and enjoy. *It rhymes*

Incomplete without dessert, we had the Cendol Snow Mountain (RM 7.90), served mighty tall and topped with a scoop of ice cream.

Masterchef Style Cafe is not only good for breakfast, lunch or dinner but even supper as they stay open til 2 am.


You can find out more about them here on their Facebook

38G, Jalan Radin Anum,

Sri Petaling,

57000 Kuala Lumpur,


03-9054 2626

Operation Hours: 8am - 2am daily

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