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Tokyo Secret: 1st Anniversary!

Happy 1st Anniversary to Tokyo Secret!

No matter how many times I cheese tart, it still gets me excited all over!

The first time I took a bite, a mini silent volcanic eruption happened and the cream cheese filling started flowing like an endless river. Like how much cream cheese was in that small tart anyway? I managed horribly as I stood in front of the lift with cheesey hands laughing til I teared for a good 3-5 minutes (the lift came and left at least 3 times). It's funny, super yummy but embarrassing. Cuddles trying to be nice, offered to help by eating my tart which didn't happen because it tasted too good and I didn't wanna let go.

I mean, look at that melted gooey center!

While they may be famous for their cheese tarts, their menu have have been expanding and they serve some silky smooth Oolong Milk Tea too.

And the new cheese cake by Tokyo Secret which we preferred served chilled =D

In conjunction with Tokyo Secret's 1st Anniversary, there will be more promos on Sundays for the whole month of June. Each promo will be promoting different desserts and drinks.

Stay tuned to Tokyo Secret's Facebook for more exciting deals!


Tokyo Secret Outlets in Malaysa: https://www.tokyosecret.com/location.html

Operation Hours: 10am to 10pm

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