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Mission Foods Pizza Crust Launch

World's leading flatbread maker, Mission Foods is one of the largest producers of tortilla wrap products. It has been the trusted brand for high quality and the freshest-tasting flour and corn tortillas with their popular whole wheat, multi-grain and fat free varieties of Mission Wraps, Tortilla Chips, Pita, Naan and now their newly launched Pizza Crust!

These crispy thin Pizza Crusts come in two flavours, Plain and Wholemeal. They are the ideal base to take on any toppings you can imagine or the perfect way to use up any leftovers.

Present at the launch was (R to L) Chef Frederico Michielleto of Marble 8 and Marini's on 57, Mr Randall Tan (Brand Manager of South Asia) and Mr Mark Tan (Retail Sales Manager of Mission Foods Malaysia).

Chef Frederico demonstrated how quick, simple and fun it is to cook with the new ready-made Pizza Crusts at The Cooking House, Bangsar by whipping up 3 irresistible and mouth-watering pizzas.

First up was Tandoori Chicken Pizza with Sour Cream and Onion.

Second one was Tom Yam Prawn Pizza with Pineapple featuring a balance of sweet and spicy flavours that’s sure to appeal to food lovers.

Last but not least, take a break from savoury flavours and indulge in this caramelized Apple Strudel with Pecans and Cream Custard Pizza, perfect for afternoon tea with friends.

Each pack comes with 2 pieces of 10" pizza crusts and they fit onto regular oven trays to ensure a perfectly cooked crispy base every time. *you don't have to be a chef to ace this!*

Fear no more the daunting tasks involved in preparing pizza dough or messing up your kitchen. Go pick up some Mission Foods Pizza Crusts! Feel free to transform your pizzas into classics like Margherita (tomato sauce and cheese) or even fancy dessert pizzas with chocolate and berries.

Oh and they're available at bread aisles in most leading supermarkets.

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