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Sweet Scoopz Musang King Gelato

It's gelato time!

Fruit flavoured gelati is the best solution to most problems. Hot weather, sweet cravings, bad day, sulky moods, you name it. They've been around for a while but interesting local flavours have really been picking up lately. Never have I thought that Durian ice cream/gelato sounded like a good idea, but here we are...

Sweet Scoopz produces premium gelato specialising in our King of the Fruit, Musang King Durian. Quality is assured by churning locally sourced fresh flesh of durian from farms in Raub itself and adding no artificial colours and/or preservatives.

No one asked but it's impossible not to say yes to a cool refreshing mini cup of Musang King gelato under this hot and sunny weather. Even if you're intimidated by the intense pungent smell which comes with the fruit, be brave and give this friendlier smelling durian gelato a try and you might end up liking it.

I'm not the biggest fan of durian but I do like it especially when it's cold. So this version of a smoother and icy cold durian is a pretty good treat. Creamy and naturally sweet with a strong enough distinctive durian taste and smell. Sweet Scoopz also does a milder durian version and a stronger ultimate premium musang king flavour depending on your "durian intensity preference level".

Do find out more about Sweet Scoopz at their social media pages below:-

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sweetscoopzmalaysia/

Website: http://sweetscoopz.my/

Instagram: @sweetscoopzmalaysia

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