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Freuzts & Volare

I've heard that ice cream solves everything... If you find yourself running out of excuses to have more ice cream though - that's a problem and I bet you know how to solve it now ;D

Jokes aside.

Have a look at some of our locally manufactured ice cream by Kifl's.

Starting with their fruity range, Freuzts consists of flavours such as orange, watermelon and banana.

Did I mention that they come in cute little cups ?

Personally, I'm in favour of their surprisingly different take on the orange ice cream. It has a rich and milky texture but still manage to taste light and refreshing with a slight hint of sour. Reminds me of a mild vanilla/milk orange candy.

Something refreshing and easy for watermelon fans.

I'm a serious banana fan. Banana flavoured food products though, I'm a little skeptical about as the ones I've tried are mostly either overly artificial tasting or sweet. This however tastes like real bananas with an extra welcoming creaminess and is acceptably sweeter, like them yummy banana cakes. *thumbs up*

Next series, Volare by KIfl's is an artisanal ice cream made from local ingredients. Unlike the light and refreshing fruity flavours, Volare offers richer choices to satisfy that sweet tooth.

If you think that intensely flavoured durian desserts are too much to handle, this slightly milder Serawa Durian may be your cup of tea or ice cream in this case.

I've never really known anyone who doesn't like chocolate ice cream. Just saying.

Our favourite from the Volare series is the Oreo Chesecake! The rich, creamy, cheesey flavoured ice cream alone is good enough to eat on its own and with that generous chunks of oreo in it, what's not to love?

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