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Magi Planet Popcorn

One of the reasons I watch movies is for popcorn ! Just kidding but if you're one of them popcorn lovers and you feel a little adventurous... This may be for you !

Behold ! If the average sweet cinema popcorn is enough to satisfy you... Magi Popcorn will blow your mind ! well.. they have caramel flavour too but let's focus a little bit more on their savoury ones.

We ranked them according to team Food Cuddle's taste:

1. Chilli Cheese

A big hit for us and we almost had trouble taking pictures of this when one popcorn fell off the ramekin. I picked it up very quickly and tasted an innocent looking popcorn (3 second rule) and when one person eats..., you get the picture. Not quite sure what flavour I got as they were all written in chinese, I was pleasantly surprised by its sweet, savoury and slightly spicy taste. Definitely cheese although mild on the chilli side.

2. Corn Soup

A close second because of its intense flavour which reminded us of, well, corn soup. Nice touch of black pepper to a sweetish + savoury popcorn.

3. Takoyaki

An interesting one. One of a kind with its deep seafood scent and flavour along with little traces of seaweed. I guess it would be perfect for those who like munching on dried seafood (dried squid, etc.)

4. Crystal Salted Caramel

Your average sweet cinema popcorn.

For those who prefer savoury snacks, eat away and impress your guests this CNY -


while purchasing at their website: https://goo.gl/0AedEJ

for a RM 10 discount =)

You may also find this information helpful as the labels were all in chinese: 》玫瑰盐焦糖 Crystal Salted Caramel 》玉米浓汤 Corn Soup 》海苔章鱼烧 Takoyaki 》辛起司Chili Cheese

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