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Pablo @ 1 Utama

Seems like the cheese tart hype is here to stay *at least for a while more*. Originating from Osaka,

attracting lots of attention and rumored to be the best cheese tart of them all - Pablo.

You can get Pablo Minis at RM 8.90/each. Pleased, as we were rather quickly served despite the long queue.

Not to mention, nice touch on the little snowmen but it all comes down to its taste . . .

I'm quite alright with the tart's thickness and think it kind of goes well with the amount of fillings. The cream cheese filling however was kind of firm, dense and rich, rich tasting in a good way but it doesn't have that gooey melty texture.

None of the excitement and rush to finish up my tart before everything flows out, which I think is pretty much the best part of any cheese tart anyway.

I've only briefly tasted their larger cheese tart (20 cm diameter), which came at a much bigger price of RM45.90/each. I can't give an accurate review of how I thought it tastes here but I can definitely say, they were not meant to be eaten not-fresh. I've heard a really wide range of mixed reviews on this one, from "the best, velvety, smooth,..." to "shame on you... taste worse than pasar malam" - btw there may be some pretty decent food in the pasar malam, just saying.

Personally, it wasn't the best cheese tart I had. "Big" may be their signature, but sometimes smaller is better ;)

Ambience: 8/10

Price: 5.5/10

Food: 7/10 *for the minis*

Service: 8/10 *prompt*

Verdict: The minis are quite okay but not the best. The large cheese tart was not too appealing after it cooled.

1 Utama Shopping Center,

Level 2 (Old Wing),

Petaling Jaya

Operation Hours: 10am - 10pm daily

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