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Huck's Café @ Bangsar

Fair Warning: Do NOT let the word “café” deceive you, as it did me.

I arrived at a very unsuspecting and innocent looking bungalow. This is a house. Trust me, I know one when I see it.

So I was surprised when I stepped into a comfortable and exclusive “café” serving authentic Mediterranean and European cuisine with a twist. The space is decorated perfectly to suit the home dining theme and the food is promised to be home-cooked, healthy, organic, wholesome, plus no frozen food and MSG.

That being a surplus, the picture became clear when we met Chef Huck *who went round to make sure everyone was enjoying their food while he was taking a break from preparing his strawberry coulis*. His creativity in cooking allows him to materialise his inspiration from his regular travels around the world into in an interesting and ever-changing menu.

Moment of truth...

We started with an appetizing and heart-warming *pun intended* tomato soup, a great teaser to excite the palate.

This was perfect. I mean, come on.. *there was a sword in our truffles steak*. But really, it was beautifully charred, flavourful, succulent, juicy and busted like a water balloon when we cut into it. Everything a good steak should be.

The aptly named Danube Dream too was yummy. The tiger prawns, mussels and half shell scallops that came in the spicy baked pasta were LARGE, fresh, plump and so sweet. The dish was balanced with the right amount of sour, keeping it light and giving center stage to the seafood. #masterchef

For dessert, we chose the Bailey’s crème brulee. It was sweet, smooth, creamy with a nice crunchy layer and topped with some tart berries.

We also had the indulgent durian ice cream Chef Huck made using Musang King and D24. DURIAN. Nuff said.

The portions were generous and I can’t help but feel pampered by their warm and attentive service. I would personally recommend any foodie to give Huck's Café a try. Also, *Hooray!* for the indecisive ones as you can even opt for a “Surprise me” menu.

However, please make your reservations if you do not wish to leave empty handed but stomach filled instead as they do not entertain walk-in guests.

Ambience: 9.5/10

Price: 8/10 *pricier than the fast food we eat duh*

Food: 9.5/10


Verdict: One of a kind quality food freshly prepared by Chef Huck. Good for groups or parties. Food cuddled.

22, Jalan Abdullah,

Off Jalan Bangsar,

59000 Kuala Lumpur

+6012 604 8719, +603 2282 2126

Operation Hours: Dinner reservations only

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